Rockbird: Get Social Without Selling Out

Social media shouldn’t be a full-time job for creatives who have actual art to make. 

You’re not here to be social media famous, you’re here to share your work effectively and authentically. We streamline the process, making it faster, easier and more authentic to share on social media. Our goal is to get your social media done in one morning, each month. 

Join a community that prioritizes meaningful creation over fleeting fame. Let’s keep social media quick, genuine, and focused on showcasing your writing, not overtaking it.

Monthly Customizable Social Media Templates

Our service simplifies your social media efforts by offering monthly, customizable templates focused on topics that resonate deeply with writers and readers alike—such as current reads, inspirations behind your work, and personal writing journeys.

Monthly Group Zoom’s To Knock It Out

We meet in cohorts of 20 once a month to work on our templates together, ask questions and make suggestions. Then we schedule our social media posts for the next month and spend just a few minutes each week supporting each other’s posts. It’s fun and you are going to make new friends - actual human people, not algorithms.

Engage Authentically, Save Time

By dedicating just a few hours each month to prepare your posts, you can maintain a meaningful connection with your audience without detracting from your primary passion: writing. Rockbird empowers you to share and interact on social media on your terms, supporting your work and your values, not the celebrity machine.

The Myth of Massive Followings

It's a common misconception that authors need massive social media followings to achieve success. In reality, maintaining a professional internet presence is more about quality connections than quantity. Engaging with a community that appreciates literature and values thoughtful discourse can be more impactful than chasing viral fame.

Supporting Data

Studies and surveys indicate that most authors use social media primarily to connect with readers and build networks with other writers, rather than to become social media celebrities. For instance the Marketing category in the 2023 Survey by the Authors Guild concluded this:

“While social media and blogging were typically rated least effective…”

Yes, there was a caveat about TikTok and younger readers - here it is:

“TikTok was a particularly effective platform for romance and romantic suspense authors as well as authors of African American fiction, poetry, YA fiction, and new adult and erotic fiction.”

To learn more about the tech platform that powers this publication, visit

To learn more about the tech platform that powers this publication, visit

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Get effective social media done in one morning each month. Social media shouldn’t be a full-time job for creatives who have actual art to make1


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