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I’m a copywriter, content consultant, and self-professed story fanatic. I love juggling words and creating unforgettable visual narratives for brands.

Fun Facts:

I'm a Colorado native, and I spent twenty-five years living in Los Angeles. During that time, I studied opera performance and music composition, spent my nights belting angry lyrics as a rock-and-roll front woman, recorded two full-length albums, and worked for over a decade as Telemundo's Music Director.

Over the past thirty years, I've dedicated time to activism and have served on boards for several volunteer organizations fighting for food justice, women's and LGBTQIA+ rights. In 2009, I focused my songwriting on activism and built, which hosts dozens of songs I wrote and produced to fight the system. Several of my songs have been featured in film and tv productions.

Now that I'm back in the mountains of Colorado I work full-time creating marketing copy and visuals for my clients, along with a small team. The rest of the time I am raising my teenage twins and working as a Can-Can dancer here and there in Central City. I'm currently writing my second book, and first novel, a work of historical fiction that celebrates queer, immigrant, and sex worker communities--the unsung heroes of Colorado's gold rush. I enjoy camping, gardening, and foraging for culinary mushrooms.

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